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GRIPPS® Tethering Station: A safe solution for EWP operation

by GRIPPS Global 18 Dec 2023

There are many potential hazards related to using an elevating work platform (EWP) or a mobile elevating work platform (MEWP), including power lines, nearby structures, restricted work areas, and falling objects, to name a few. In such a dangerous line of work, complying with relevant local regulations and operational instructions, and implementing safety strategies, are integral.

The GRIPPS® Tethering Station is an innovative mobile tethering workstation ideal for EWP operators when working at height and offers convenience and improved safety measures.

What is a GRIPPS® Tethering Station?

The GRIPPS® Tethering Station is a mobile tethering workstation with a range of pockets and anchor points for tethering tools while on a worksite. With eyelets and velcro straps for mounting to rails, it makes a sound choice for elevated and confined spaces.

How does the GRIPPS® Tethering Station prevent dropped objects?

The GRIPPS® Tethering Station allows EWP operators to keep their tools neatly stored and secured when not in use, making it nearly impossible for a tool to drop and potentially injure bystanders.

With storage for up to 25 tools (depending on the model), workers have ample storage capacity for tools like hammers, drills, screwdrivers or pliers. Workers should always implement the most effective control measure that is reasonably practicable. With that in mind, the GRIPPS® Tethering Station is a suitable risk control solution as workers can have a defined location to anchor tools and keep their working space tidy.

Why use the GRIPPS® Tethering Station when working at heights?

With limited space to work in when using an EWP, the ideal scenario for workers is an empty EWP floor that permits only room for a footswitch. The GRIPPS® Tethering Station allow tools to be placed in front of the EWP worker, giving clear visibility and bringing tools closer to waist height.

GTS with tools tethered by GRIPPS

Does the GRIPPS® Tethering Station conform with ANSI/ISEA 121-2018?

The globally recognised standard for drop prevention, ANSI/ISEA 121-2018, sets a benchmark for safety equipment and how it should perform concerning drop tests.

The GRIPPS® Tethering Station complies with these standards, and wherever possible, EWP workers should utilise tool tethers and other drop prevention equipment that adheres to this standard. Doing so ensures optimal safety standards are being met and will give users added peace of mind.

How portable is the GRIPPS® Tethering Station?

The GRIPPS® Tethering Station is a portable solution for transporting and storing tools. Using the three velcro rear straps, the GRIPPS® Tethering Station can rapidly be attached to any standard rail. This can be done securely by tying a rope (or similar) through the four eyelets to your chosen EWP basket, scaffold tube or handrail. Within moments users can untie, rip the velcro open and remove GRIPPS® Tethering Station as needed.

How durable is the GRIPPS® Tethering Station?

Durability and longevity for your tools and safety equipment is essential. The GRIPPS® Tethering Station is made from extra heavy-duty 26oz. canvas material. Strong winds won't be a concern for causing flex in your setup, as the GRIPPS® Tethering Station is very rigid.

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