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How The Bolt-Vault Saved A Commercial Developer Over $1M

Por FutureMan Collaborator 05 Sep 2020

"Finally there is a simple way to prevent nuts, washers and bolts from becoming falling objects."

- Robert Mcculloch / Multiplex Construction

Live-edge works consistently rank as one of the highest contributors to reportable dropped object incident counts. Although there are many solutions readily available for tool tethering, transportation and storage, managing the risks involved in the actual use and application of small objects at height has been ignored... Until now.

Innovation On-Demand

The Bolt-Vault was designed, developed and patented by the team at GRIPPS, following conversations with various construction industry partners about the challenges faced when working on live edges. Small objects such as nuts and bolts were being dropped at alarming levels, and the most common solutions were stringing nuts and washers along a piece of fishing wire, or securing them in a roll with tape - neither of which protected the small objects against drops during their actual application.

GRIPPS | Loose Washers

Bringing Out The Sketchbooks

With the objective of preventing small dropped objects during their application established, the GRIPPS in-house engineering team got to work on designing a product that would satisfy the brief. The key was in the practicality - the user still needed to be able to maintain the full dexterity required to work with the small objects. A whole range of options from webbing to magnets and everything in-between were developed, tested and ultimately discarded.

GRIPPS - Bolt Vault

"I have been lucky enough to work with GRIPPS in using the Prototype of the Bolt Vault on the Multiplex Constructions 300 George Street Stage 3 Commercial Tower.

When erecting the Crown and Upper Ring Beams (Both 600'+ from street level) of this structural steel tower Multiplex were able work on a LIVE edge to complete rigging of structural steel."

- Robert Mcculloch / Multiplex Construction

A New Approach To An Old Problem

Eventually, we threw out all conventional approaches and decided on something radical. Instead of trying to tether or manipulate the objects themselves, we decided we'd create a controlled drop protection environment around the users hand. By creating a protected chamber for the works to take place within, we were not hamstrung by the type of objects that could be worked with, nor the way they needed to be manipulated.

"The Bolt vault was then utilised in the dismantling process of 41 Levels of Twin Car hoist - all tower sections and building tie nuts, bolts, washers were removed (600'+ high and only 13' from a freeway on-ramp). All potentially lethal falling objects controlled."

- Robert Mcculloch / Multiplex Construction

Creating Functionality Without Compromise

With the small objects secured within a heavy-duty nylon working environment, we needed to allow for objects to be inserted and manipulated - without compromising the protected environment. The solution was two panels of interwoven tactical nylon, allowing for insertion of a working object through the front facing panel (such as thread of a bolt) as well as a tool through a side facing panel. Two additional reinforced mesh windows allow the user to see within the Bolt-Vault.

"The bolt Vault has now in less than 1 month removed/controlled over 800 potential killers. And after 800+ uses the Bolt vault still works as new - a little covered in Talcor from the hoist dismantle - but I believe it would still have many 1000's of applications left before showing signs of wear.

Any rigger or worker who works at height or has the potential to drop nuts, washers or bolts MUST TRY THIS PRODUCT."

- Robert Mcculloch / Multiplex Construction

Tried, Tested & Ready For Action

After strenuous testing both at the GRIPPS internal testing facility and on commercial on-site projects, the Bolt-Vault has proven itself as a rugged and effective product that delivers big on cost-savings. By controlling drops of small objects that have - to date - been uncontrollable, leading commercial developers no longer have to setup exclusion zones, or invest in huge quantities of secondary measures to keep their projects and the public safe.

Creating a class of its own, the Bolt-Vault has to be seen to be believed. If you'd like an in-person demonstration on how the GRIPPS Bolt-Vault can work for your project, get in touch with us here or contact us directly at

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