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New & Improved GRIPPS® Mule Tool Backpack

Por Sean Aucamp 11 Jan 2024

The GRIPPS® Mule Tool Backpack, positioned as the "baby brother" to the GRIPPS® Mule Bag, has undergone upgrades and achieved ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 compliance. This certification enhances its standing as a reliable and robust tool backpack.

A key feature of the GRIPPS® Mule Tool Backpack lies in its strength and durability, surpassing standard tool backpacks. This attribute ensures its resilience in demanding work environments, making it a dependable choice for professionals across various industries.

What is the GRIPPS® Mule Tool Backpack and why was it created?

The backpack's suitability for those working at heights is emphasised, offering a practical solution for securely anchoring tools and equipment using tool tethers. This feature not only enhances safety but provides the ability to organise tools before starting a task - a valuable aspect for workers, aiding in a systematic and streamlined workflow.

The assurance provided to workers at heights, knowing that their tools are securely anchored with world-class lifting bag and tool tethering solutions, is a significant advantage. This peace of mind is crucial in high-risk environments, where the reliability of equipment can be a determining factor in the safety and success of the job.

What are the features of the GRIPPS® Mule Tool Backpack?

It boasts a great selection of features that include, but are not limited to:
  • ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 compliance
  • A lightweight, durable and robust design.
  • Made from water resistant 1000D tarpaulin.
  • Nylon reinforced transparent TPU material top closure with a waterproof zipper including two sliders complete with large T handle pulls.
  • Multiple internal and external load rated anchor points.
  • Load rated mounting straps for attaching to rails and scaffolding.
  • New internal pocket layout for tool organisation.

What were the main updates to the GRIPPS® Mule Tool Backpack?

One standout feature is the enhanced closure system, which allows light penetration into the main pocket, addressing the common issue of searching for tools in low-light conditions. This improvement demonstrates our commitment to practicality and user-friendly design, potentially saving workers time and frustration on the job.

GRIPPS® Mule Tool Backpack Inside Detail

The replacement of multiple side-release buckles with a single, waterproof zipper featuring two sliders and T-handle pulls is a notable upgrade. This not only streamlines the access to the backpack but also enhances its durability and weather resistance. The waterproof zipper adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring the safety of the tools and equipment stored inside, even in challenging weather conditions.

What makes the GRIPPS® Mule Tool Backpack different to other backpacks?

The GRIPPS® Mule Tool Backpack stands out with its unique design and engineered tool tethering solutions, making it a noteworthy multi-purpose bag. This backpack is designed to be long-lasting, of premium quality, and containing innovative features that prioritize safety, durability, and practicality.

A notable feature is the load-rated mounting straps, specifically designed for teams working near or on rail or scaffolding. These straps allow workers to secure the backpack off the ground, enhancing convenience and accessibility. The 20kg (44lb) load rating adds to its versatility, ensuring that it can accommodate a substantial amount of tools and equipment.

GRIPPS® Mule Tool Backpack Handrail

Constructed from 1000D tarpaulin, the GRIPPS® Mule Tool Backpack boasts durability, making it suitable for rugged work environments. The nylon-reinforced transparent top closure is a thoughtful addition, providing visibility and easy access to the contents. The water-resistant feature adds another layer of protection, making it suitable for various weather conditions.

The backpack's compact design maintains key functionality while offering a more convenient and portable option for users.

The GRIPPS® Mule Tool Backpack stands head and shoulders above other backpacks used in the industrial sector. With its durable, rugged build and customisable storage options, this tough, lightweight, versatile bag that combines storage, organisation, and usability, is the ideal companion for those working at heights. 

Want to learn more, contact your local distributor or reach out to the friendly GRIPPS® team directly.

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